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In the UK, 200 miles is a long way. In the US, 200 years is a long time.

Everything is so old its mind blowing. Pubs are running in buildings older than the U.S.. The other day I realized I was leaning against a wall that used to be the city wall. That does not exists in the U.S. in any capacity.

On the other side of this, hearing Irish people complain about a two hour drive is adorable. I drove 17 hours from New Orleans to DC in one day. That is the entire country of Ireland three times.

Tips For Drinking in Ireland

1. Try as many of the local brews as possible. There is so much more than just Guinness.

2. The booze are cheap, the cops don’t care if you’re drunk in public, and the atmosphere encourages heavy drinking. All of this can lead to having more fun than you thought humanly possible.

3. Bring a set amount of cash to spend on any given night. Do NOT give yourself the opportunity to spend more money than sober you wants to spend. Drunk you will justify spending more because the drinks are so cheap.

4. If you want to pace yourself order a half pint. It only costs 2 euro and your dignity.

5. Random Irish people will try to talk to you. Pubs are full of people who just want to chat. Do not be intimidated and engage in some great drunken conversations.

Tips for anyone studying abroad!

  1. Pack light but diverse. You do not need much beyond clothing and toiletries, but have a decent selection of clothes incase you travel.
  2. Meet locals! It is very easy to only meet other study abroad students living in your building. Make yourself go out to pubs/bars/clubs and talk to strangers. You WILL regret it if you don’t.
  3. Save your money. Drink some at home before you go out, make your own food, don’t eat out to much. You want to save your money so you can travel.
  4. Take some days to relax and enjoy the town yourself. Don’t feel the need to push yourself every day. If you want to just walk around and enjoy the neighborhood you are in, do it. Makes it feel more like home as well.
  5. DO NOT BE A STEREOTYPICAL AMERICAN. It is very easy to spot many American’s in Europe. You know the type of people I am talking about. Rude, loud, and poorly dressed with white socks. Do not be that person.

5 Fun Facts I have Learned About Ireland

  1. All umbrellas break in the wind so everyone just either wears raincoats or ignores the rain all together.
  2. Food and beer here is CHEAP. No clue why but I enjoy it.
  3. Irish people really do believe all Americans own guns. (We don’t ALL own guns.)
  4. The chocolate here is amazingly smooth and delicious.
  5. Irish people love talking to Americans about the differences between the countries. Every waiter I have had has spent most of the meal chatting us up and asking about our lives.